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Wildflower and Lucy M Sour Grapes #1 2022

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The Wine

Sauvignon Blanc grown at the Jupiter Creek vineyard in the hills (a restored 30 year old vineyard the was neglected and covered in blackberries). Amazing organic grain from NSW and wort by Wildflower. Wort and Hops were covered by destemmed grapes (approx. 70/30), covered and left to ferment and soak for 30 days. The free run fraction was taken and at the appropriate sugar level the beer is bottled, aged on lees for 6 months and then disgorged. 8.0% abv. Lucy M

The Details
Variety - Sauvignon Blanc, Grain
Country - Australia
Region - South Australia
Sub Region
 - Adelaide Hills
Extra - Crown Seal
Year - 2022
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker

Anton van Klopper’s commitment to making wines without any additions and his unwavering, unapologetic attitude have made him a pinup boy of natural wine—not just in Australia, but internationally. His craft of natural wine is a straightforward exercise: it involves vinifying grapes, and grapes alone, without any additions whatsoever. Few debates in wine have been so charged or divisive but Anton’s approach remains on course.

Despite Anton’s wide renown, this is a super-small operation. The Lucy M vineyard and winery sit in the Basket Range, a picturesque pocket of the Adelaide Hills, where Anton also grows vegetables for The Summertown Aristologist—his nearby restaurant and cellar door (run together with Commune of Buttons). Anton also sources fruit from vineyards both in and around the Basket Range, which are rented and tended by him and his friend Jasper Button (all have gradually been converted to organic viticulture.)

Anton’s formal wine education has taught him to understand what he doesn’t want to do. He admits that it has taken time and plenty of practice to make completely unadulterated wines, but the risk is worthwhile. These are complex, raw and mind-bending wines to taste. They are the product of a multitude of techniques, with natural ferments including some that are aged in large-format oak and concrete eggs. All preceding to bottling without fining or filtering. They are unapologetic for what they are and that’s exactly how Anton intends it to be.