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Col Tamarie Prosecco 2021

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The Wine

Harvested at the end of September, this wine sees no addition of sulphur and no inoculation. It undergoes a brief maceration on the skins, followed by gentle pressing. The ancestral method is then employed, requiring at least 10 months before it's offered for sale. It's a Glera-dominant blend, including Boschera, Grapariol, Bianchetta, Perera, and Verdiso.

The wine displays a straw-yellow color, delicate foam, and a profusion of citrus aromas. A slight sediment is present at the bottom of the bottle, so it's best to let it stand for some time to clear. If you plan to consume it in one sitting, consider decanting it into a jug all at once to prevent excessive cloudiness. It's quite enchanting as you delve into it, brimming with energy and remarkably adaptable. It's excellent, though not your typical Prosecco; it's akin to a tonic.

he Details
Variety - Glera, Boschera, Grapariol, Bianchetta, Perera, Verdiso
Country - Italy
Region - Veneto
Extra - Cork
Vintage - 2021
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker


Nestled in the hills above Vittorio Veneto, in San Lorenzo, lies a Prosecco production that is truly captivating. Alberto and Marta manage 4.5 hectares of vineyards oriented south to south-east, perched at 450 meters above sea level. Although just beyond the Prosecco DOCG zone, they are well within the Prosecco DOC region, surrounded by forests and thriving on limestone and rocky morainic soils. Their approach to viticulture includes unicist homeopathy and biodynamic preparations, with an organic certification to their name.

They nurture the vineyards and land, enhancing nature's energies with minimal use of sulfur and limited copper. They grow indigenous grape varieties such as Glera, Bianchetta, Boschera, Grapariol, Perera, and Verdiso, all to craft a singular wine — the Col Fondo sparkling white wine. This wine is naturally fermented with indigenous yeasts, bottled unfiltered and unfined, and without added sulfur.

Alberto and Marta stand as pioneers in their region and globally for Col Fondo Pet Nat, exemplifying some of the most dedicated farming practices observed thus far.