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Domaine Derain 'Allez Goutons' Rouge 2023

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The Wine

This vibrant red wine, crafted from the Pinot Noir boasts a low alcohol content and is intended for prompt consumption!

Approximately two-thirds of the grapes undergo partial destemming before a maceration period of just over a week. The remaining third is pressed directly to produce a white wine, which is then combined with the red wine from the maceration. The fermentation process is entirely natural, consistent with all Derain wines.

This wine exemplifies the technique of creating a lighter, fresher red by blending in direct press juice, which contains significantly fewer tannins and other polyphenols compared to macerated juice. It is as fresh as a daisy and ready to be enjoyed immediately!

The Details
Variety - Pinot Noir
Country - France
Region - Burgundy
Extra - Cork
Year - 2023
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker

Dominique Derain has been a trailblazer of biodynamic viticulture in Burgundy and is cherished by Parisian bistros. Perched in Saint-Aubin, Derain has devoted over twenty years to biodynamically nurturing his vineyards, deeply honoring the earth and nature. Their approach is hands-off, yet he honed to craft wines with unique characters that are sought after globally

"Pinot Noir is a fragile varietal; preserving its delicacy is crucial. A superior wine is one that can naturally retain and convey this finesse without pretense," Dominique Derain remarked. "I favor a wine that leads with fruit, offers freshness, aromatic intensity, and body. But most importantly, it must be well-balanced. Wines that are overly heavy, sweet, or acidic quickly become unappealing. A good wine invites you to return to it."

In 2019, Dominique stepped aside for a deserved respite. His protégé, the skilled Julien Altaber, took over the reins with competence. Dominique had previously hinted, "Julien is an even better rejuvenator than I am!" While it's not our place to assess, the vintages of 2017 and 2018 crafted by Julien certainly indicate he was aptly mentored.

Having retired, the grounded winemaker from Saint-Aubin, a bastion of biodynamic and free-spirited winemaking, can be at peace. Julien has proven himself as one of the most reliable vintners in the Côte de Beaune. Consistently, whether at Domaine Derain or with his Sextant label, he continues the tradition, all the while adding his distinctive touch.