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Roger Groult Calvados 'Pays d'Auge' 3YO 500mls

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The Wine

Pays d’Auge Calvados is crafted from approximately twenty varieties of cider apples, encompassing sweet, bittersweet, bitter, and acidulous types such as Bisquet, Binet Rouge, Noel des Champs, and Egyptia. Distilled over a wood fire in three traditional small pot stills, it is initially aged in 300-litre barrels to enhance the spirit's contact with the wood.

The bouquet is vibrant and fresh, exuding aromas of cider, baked green apples, and pears, complemented by cinnamon and subtle clove nuances. This light to medium-bodied Calvados unfolds with flavors of ripe apples and pear cider, balanced by a lively acidity. It finishes with a gentle varnish note, warm, dry, and spicy, leaving a medium-length impression. A delightful expression of youthfulness!

The Details
Variety - Calvados
Country - France
Region - Normandy
Alc. Content - 40%

Volume - 500mls

About the Wine Maker

Established by Pierre Groult in 1860, the Domaine has consistently produced exceptional Calvados. By distilling his cider and aging the resulting eau-de-vie in oak barrels, Calvados Groult came into being. Thanks to Pierre's dedication, innovative production methods, and the region's rich terroir, the Calvados swiftly gained a stellar reputation. Pierre secured his first gold medal in 1893. Today, under the stewardship of fifth-generation Jean-Roger Groult, the distillery remains an award-winning establishment, notably for its 3-Year-Old Calvados, which received the title of World's Best Calvados at the World Drinks Awards in 2014 and 2016.