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Victor Gontier Calvados 'Domfrontais' 2013 500mls

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The Wine

The Details
Variety - Calvados
Country - Australia
Region - Normandy
Alc. Content - 40%
Vintage - 2013
Volume - 500mls

About the Wine Maker

For three generations, a small farm has been producing Calvados in the heart of the Calvados Domfrontais Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) area. Comprising at least one-third pears with the remainder being apples, it offers a rustic, farm-style aroma. This product is a local staple, uncompromisingly authentic, and notably fruitier and rounder when young compared to the more aged Pays d'Auge Calvados. The farm is also renowned for its apple and pear cider, which are 100% pure juice as mandated by French law, with only sulphites added under strict conditions. This contrasts with ciders in many other countries, which can contain up to 45% water, along with added sugar, synthetic or natural aromatics, alcohol, and preservatives.