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Vinea Marson Sangiovese 2017

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The Wine

Firstly, understand when approaching Vinea Mason wines, Mario is not attempting to create some ‘look alike’ Australian version of a particular Italian regional wine. His work is a complete approach, fully reflecting the varietals' particular characters and potential. This approach started with the original selection of the vineyard site through to vineyard management and winemaking; it is a complete circle. In relation to the later, Mario draws on inspiration from his time with Paolo De Marchi, the longtime owner until recently of Chianti Classico Estate, Isola e Olena.

One of the guiding principles to handling Sangiovese (and Nebbiolo) is to attain a level of ‘acid degradation’ of the grapes. This can only be achieved by an understanding of the vine/grape management through to the maturation process. Importantly the site and locale of the Vinea Mason vineyard allows this to occur. The result is reflected in red wines with noticeable ‘digestible acid’ on the palate, that also allows associated earth characters to then emerge. 

This wine is crafted through some thirteen different clones of Sangiovese from their Sotto and Sopra vineyards. It truly reflects Sangiovese and is a benchmark that others Australian Sangio’s should look to. TC

94/100 Gold 5 stars - Huon Hooke, The Real Review 

The Details
Variety - Sangiovese
Country -  Australia
Region - Victoria
Sub Region - Heathcote
Extra - Cork
Year - 2017
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker

Established in 2000, Vinea Marson is the inspiration and culmination of the life efforts of Mario and Helen Marson. Mario is now the 5th generation Marson involved in winemaking, his heritage stretching back to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. His father, Giuseppe immigrated to Melbourne, where he planted rows of vines in his backyard - continuing his cultural heritage but on a more personal and practical level that no doubt eventually made an impression on the young Mario Marson.

Vinea Marson is located on the eastern facing slopes of the the Mount Camel Range in the Heathcote region of Central Victoria. The vineyard is spread over eight hectares and is primarily devoted to the production of red Italian varietals, that are well suited to the 500 million-plus year old red clay Cambrian soils of the area.

Prior to establishing the vineyard, Mario had been the winemaker at Mount Mary (Yarra Valley). He has also done Vintage at a variety of wineries in Barolo, Tuscany and Burgundy. The couple are now joined today by one of their three daughters Madeleine, as assistant winemaker.

Mario was drawn to Heathcote and in particular to the Vinea Marson site due to its unique characters. The locale/aspect provides the right amount of heat, and in a time measure that allows grapes a unique/long hang time without sugars blowing out. It is crucially important with Sangio & Neb that grape tannins are allowed to fully ripen, as well as providing conditions to allow the adequate development of acid degradation in the grapes - allowing other desirable characters to shine through. The eastern Camel aspect tends to produce distinctive red fruited wines, as opposed to the black characters found in the west and other parts of Heathcote. In short, site selection is so important and Vinea Mason sits on a very special aspect.

Their white wine production also draws on Italian varietals but are grown further east, in the Victorian high country. Many years ago, Mario advised a colleague to plant a selection of white varietals, mainly of Italian origin on recently acquired land near Bright, and agreed to purchase all resulting production. This arrangement has continued. The climate and soils of the Bright area are much cooler and rockier than Heathcote and better suited to producing the subtle and complex characters in the whites that Mario was after.

All wines are purposely held back for release, something that is quite rare in todays wine market, but for Mario its a question of quality, and a desire to allow the customer to experience his wines at the best possible moment - although there is no doubt the reds and whites will develop further with cellar time. In relation to his whites, those familiar with the older vintages of Mount Mary Triolet will delight in Vinea Marson whites capacity to age!

Starting in 2021, wines are now made in their new winery, with gravity being a central theme. No doubt there are even greater achievements to come from the Marson Familia ! TC