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Frank Cornelissen

Frank Cornelissen works on jewel-like mini plots on the cool northern slope of Mount Etna. The unique terroir at the "Montagna", as the volcano is called by the locals has become a field of oenological experimentation for Frank Cornelissen for two decades now. Frank's philosophy of agriculture is based on the fact that man will never be able to understand all the complexity and interactions of nature and the cosmos. Because of this, he decided to renounce all treatments such as chemical, organic, traditional and even biodynamic. Here you’ll find old, almost forgotten Sicilian grape varieties, thriving! 

“What can I say; Frank Cornelissen is at the top of his game. I think back over the last fifteen years that I’ve been tasting these wines, and I can honestly say that I have never seen such precision, purity and consistency as I’ve seen tasting the last few vintages”. Eric Guido, on the 2020s

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