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About Us

Welcome to Vaucluse Cellars

Our goal is to bring the most interesting wines in the world to your door.

That’s why we’re always searching for wines that have a great story to tell. You’ll see many of those stories in the listings on these pages. These are wines made by people with a passion and a vision for what wine should be. 

Some come from classic traditions that are centuries old, others are vinous inspirations of a younger movement, who also study the 'ancients' in attempting to reinterpret and present a different undertanding of what a wine can be.

All of them are wines that we love.

Vaucluse Cellars opened its doors in 1959

Tim Carr and Family out the front of their Vaucluse Store early 2000s

Getting to this point has been quite a story in itself. Vaucluse Cellars opened its doors in 1959 back when the Australia nation had an affinity with fortified wines and beer.

During the 1980s Vaucluse Cellars pushed the vinous boundaries under the stewardship of Arthur Schwarer and Margaret O'Farrell. They promoted various notable French appellations as well as many Australian wines that have evolved into todays Classics. They were ahead of their time.  When they sold in the 1990s the store reverted to a standard fare of offerings.

When we took over in 2001, new premises were purchased across the road that kickstarted our determination to free palates kept hostage to ho-hum local corporate offerings by re-installing the exciting arrangements from the classic terroirs of France, Italy and Spain. The timing was right. The market responded with enthusiasm. Buoyed along by the arrival of the world wide web and our popular email promotions, the store soon found itself at the heart of Australia’s booming fascination with fine wine. That hard work culminated in the awarding in 2010 of The Sydney Morning Herald's Foodies Guide to Sydney publicationbest 'Wine & Spirits Merchants. 

We move to an exclusive online offering

Tim Carr with Jean-Charles Le Bault de la Morinière (2005) - original owner of Chateau Bonneau du Martray - located in Corton-Charlemagne

Now that the Endeavour Group's 'Dan Murphys' have taken over the bricks and mortar store (2021) we’ve moved to an exclusively online offering, so we’re free to create a store for those who love to explore with an ever changing offering of wines from across the spectrum, classic and avant-garde; old world and new.

Here and through our email promotions you’ll find those rarities and limited releases along with the once in a lifetime wines that you’ve always wanted to try.  Each wine has a story to tell. Wines that can take you on a  journey. Our selections speak to the dynamism of an industry that continues to use techniques that are thousands of years old alongside modern day practices.

Our commitment to bringing the most interesting wines in the world to your door

Tim & Patrick Carr in store at Vaucluse Cellars 2020

We’re extraordinarily proud of the Vaucluse Cellars legacy and thank the dedicated staff and loyal customers over the years that contibuted to our success. We are now looking forward to this new phase. Our goal continues to be that search for the next taste sensation, the next fascinating vinous story, the next intriguing journey into wines’ never ending story.

That's what makes discovery so rewarding! I hope you’ll join us on that journey.