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Antica Formula Vermouth 1L

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The Wine

The exquisite Antica Formula! For the quintessential Negroni, this is your starting point. Carpano Antica Formula is a rare specialty, distinguished by its unique bouquet, crafted in limited quantities with skilled artisanship, following the original and secret recipe of Carpano.

The Details

Country - Italy
Region - Torino
Alc. Content - 16.5%
Volume - 1000ML

About the Wine Maker

Antonio Benedetto Carpano, was an Italian distiller, renowned for inventing vermouth and, by extension, the aperitif. In 1786, he created modern Vermouth in Turin by adding white wine to a blend of over 30 varieties of herbs and spices. This concoction was sweetened with spirit, which Carpano thought would be more appropriate for ladies than the traditional red wines. His vermouth became so favored that his shop eventually operated around the clock.