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Antica Torino 'Amaro della Sacra'

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The Wine

Antica Torino's new Amaro della Sacra dials up the herbal notes seen in their stunning Vermouth. The label image, designed in 1925 by Francesco Carandini, depicts a Benedictine monk studying an ancient text, entitled 'Vox Dei Silentium', meaning 'silence is the voice of God'. Like their Vermouth, the ingredients are all natural with no artificial flavours or colourings.  The ingredients, a mixing pot of leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, resins, spices and barks include the local gentianella along with vanilla of Madagascar, green cardamom of the Indies, and myrrh of the Middle East. Best served over ice.

The Details

Country - Italy
Region - Torino
Alc. Content
Volume - 700ml

About the Wine Maker

Antica Torino is a partnership and project of passion between Vittorio Zoppi and Umbrian wine maker Filippo Antonelli.  Rather than seeking out the exotic, often imported botanicals that go into more modern styled vermouth, Antica Torino takes a page out of the history books, a time when vermouth was created utilizing what was readily available locally.