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Dame Jeanne 'Roses' Brut Nature (Sparkling) 2019

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The Wine

The Pinot Noir used in this sparkling wine is macerated for 6 hours. and then ultimately made using Methode Traditionelle. Sourced from a 0.8 ha parcel in the La Grand Côte vineyard, it is fermented in stainless steel - then bottled and aged on lees for 2 years before being disgorged without any additional sugar. The result is a delicate, silky texture with subtle red fruit notes and a surprising level of complexity. A must-try for any champagne lover looking to broaden their horizons!

The Details
Variety - Pinot Noir
Country - France
Region - Burgundy 
Sub Region - Châtillonnais
Extra - Cork
Year - 2019
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker

Jeanne Piollot produces exquisite wines in the Châtillonnais, situated at the northernmost tip of Burgundy, a mere 20km from Champagne. This area is fast becoming a prime spot for sparkling wine as renowned vintners migrate southward to acquire exceptional vineyards with Champagne-like soil at more affordable prices. Jeanne, hailing from a lineage of esteemed Champagne producers, crafts her own modest yet elegant wines in Burgundy.

Jeanne was raised on the southern border of Champagne in the Aube, nearer to Burgundy than to the Côte des Blancs or Reims. Her parents, operating from the same estate, established two distinct and celebrated Champagne brands: Piollot Père et Filles, derived from her father's side vineyards, and Marie Courtin, originating from her mother's side.

Thus, it was a natural progression for Jeanne to join forces with her parents and launch her own brand, Dame Jeanne. Faced with the soaring costs of Champagne vineyards, the family opted to buy a small estate in Molesme, just across the border in Burgundy. The law mandates that wines from this region be vinified and bottled within Burgundy, so Jeanne, alongside her partner Gennaro de Miccoli, took the helm of winemaking and cultivation.

The Molesme vineyards are celebrated for their superior sparkling wines, owing to their proximity to the Champagne border. Guidance from Champagne experts was readily embraced, and Jeanne and Gennaro adhered to the family's long-standing farming methods, eschewing herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic chemicals. In the winery, however, they pursue their unique vision for their wines, employing minimal extraction and sulfur to produce refreshing vins de soif that straddle the line between Chablis and Champagne.