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Dario Princic Bianco NV

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Made from 60 year old vines farmed in an organic and holistic manner, the grapes see a 22 day maceration, fermenting in chestnut barrels and then 24 months of aging.

“Bianco NV is Dario's entry point wine, originally made for his Japanese customers. It's exotic, spice driven and a confoundingly masterfully made skin contact wine. There is a lot going on here, as it takes you by the hand, leading down through a maze. Dark in colour (its ok, don’t fret…) but fresh as a daisy, you think its going to have a bit more fruitiness but summersaults over to a dry finish with notes of beeswax, mountain bitters with what seems to be a kiss of botrytis. Again, quite a stable wine that would drink well over a few days. Go on, turn your world upside down with this one...TC

The Finer Details

Variety - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris
Country -  Italy
Region - Friuli Venezia Giulia
Extra - Cork
Year - NV
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker

Dario Princic's winery is located in the village of Oslavia, just north of the town of Gorizia, north west of Trieste and right up against the border with Slovenia. The vineyard is some 8 hectares, located on limestone-clay soils called Ponka. He is famous for his white wines that are vinified with long skin maceration according to the ancient traditions. The approach produces a distinctive orange hue and there is no doubt, Dario is a reference point for the production of this style globally.