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Geyer Wine Co 'Ulooloo' Shiraz 2022

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The Wine

Nestled in the hills on the Eastern side of Eden Valley at 460m asl, this East-Southeast facing vineyard has some amazing decomposing granitic soils that add to the overall intrigue of the site. In the shadow of the hills around it is shelter from destructive weather events while still channelling airflow through the rows to decrease the need for heavy organic spraying. Dry farming increases the complexity and controls the sites vigour to evenly ripen fruit and again control disease pressure.

This 100 year old Syrah vineyard has been run for several years organic, with no sprays barring the occasional sulphur for fungal control. the cows graze through the vineyard in the off season for weed suppression and fertiliser...

Hand harvested and destemmed into picking bins and plunged for 14 days to extract elegant tannins to balance the intensity of fruit and backbone of acidity. Fermented to dry, pressed for elevage in older French hogshead and puncheons for one year before being blended and settled in stainless for 2 months before bottling unfined & unfiltered, with a touch of sulphur."

The Details

Variety - Shiraz
Country - Australia
Region - South Australia
Sub Region - Eden Valley
Extra - Cork
Year - 2022

Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker 

Dave Geyer, hailing from a lineage of grape growers in the illustrious Barossa Valley, embarked on a journey steeped in winemaking tradition & revolution, traversing global viticultural landscapes to hone his craft. His familial roots entrenched in the Barossa Valley, a region with a winemaking history dating back to the 19th century, provided the foundation for his vinous pursuits.

Geyer's career commenced with the hands-on vineyard labour at Torbreck in 2002, marking the initiation of a seven-year apprenticeship under the esteemed tutelage of Dan Standish (Standish Wines) and Fraser McKinley (Sami-Odi). His peripatetic quest for winemaking mastery led him to diverse terroirs worldwide, including South Africa's Lammershoek Winery in Swartland, France's revered Domaine Matassa in Roussillon, and vinicultural bastions in the United States and New Zealand.

Returning to the Barossa Valley after his global exploits, Geyer and his wife, Sarah, decided to make the region their permanent home. The year 2014, Geyer sought employment with Pete Schell at Spinifex, a renowned crucible for emerging winemakers in the Barossa Valley. This collaboration not only bestowed upon him the confidence to embark on his winemaking journey but also provided a crucial sounding board for the development of his own distinctive wines.

Under the Geyer Wine Co. label, Dave Geyer delves into winemaking with a profound commitment to organic viticulture, embracing a naturalistic approach. He experiments to unveil the unique expressions of vineyard sites deeply familiar to him, with the Barossa Valley, known for its warm climate and ancient soils, serving as the canvas for Geyer's artistic exploration. The region's rich winemaking heritage, characterised by an arras of centurion parcels, became the wellspring for his creations. These parcels, meticulously restored after years of neglect, formed the nucleus of Geyer's musings, showcasing the Barossa Valley's diverse terroir and the nuanced interplay between climate, soil, and grape variety. 

Geyer's wines are not just libations; they are narratives woven from the historical threads of the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley, capturing the essence of a vigneron's global endeavours, an unwavering commitment to organic viticulture and the pursuit of purity in the wines he makes.