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Inside Bordeaux : by Jane Anson

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We can also offer Inside Burgundy’s stunning companion publication, Inside Bordeaux. Decanter Magazine has described Jane Anson as “the world’s most informed and accomplished expert on the wines of Bordeaux—bar none”, and her book is a masterwork in scholarship. It contains over 700 pages of in-depth writing, maps that are almost alarming in their detail, and incorporates newly commissioned and (literally) ground-breaking research into Bordeaux’s terroir.

By a margin, Janes Anson’s work is the most up-to-date and scientifically informed book in the Bordeaux canon. Indeed, with the bar set so high, this book is unlikely to be surpassed in our lifetime (unless there is a second edition)! Inside Bordeaux is a remarkable achievement, and we recommend it highly.

“Inside Bordeaux stands out not because it is well written and meticulously researched and presented, which it most certainly is... It stands out because it’s not a display of deep, specialist knowledge published to showcase the region and the author. It’s also not a passionate paean to the glory of the region or the romance of the terroir. It is about terroir and it does tell us that Bordeaux is even more wonderful and exciting than we thought it was.” Tamlyn Currin,

“Eschewing the weighty academic style in favour of accessibility, it sets out to bring a new perspective to the world’s most famous wine region and it succeeds. This is a book no Bordeaux lover – or wine lover of any stamp – should be without.” Adam Lechmere, Club Oenologique