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Monastero Suore Cistercensi 'Coenobium Ruscum' 2022

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The Wine

SKIN CONTACT:  A blend of the same three grapes as the Coenobium but, in this instance, the juice is left to ferment on the lees for a period of two weeks or more, extracting all of the flavours, colours and textures of its fruit.  The result is a wine of deep golden colour with penetrating minerality and hints of herbs, particularly anise, and wildflowers.  There are approximately 4,000 bottles produced annually of this cuvée, with a micro amount coming to Oz!

Again, this wine requires a curious and open mind sprinked with a degree of faith - hopefully with time in the glass, your plate kicks sideways, into hopefully a ‘sliding door moment’ and your senses enlighted!

These are not your typical Italian wines - one must have an open mind. They take a little time to unfold and fully appreciate - and when they do ‘Allora’ hopefully… you’ll have your ‘light bulb moment’. It is then, you’ll see another side: uniquely captivating, seductive and truly celestial qualities!

The Details
Variety - Trebbiano, Verdicchio, Malvasia
Country - Italy
Region - Lazio
Extra - Cork
Year - 2022
Volume - 750ml 

About the Wine Maker

Under the guidance of Umbria's natural wine making legendary Paolo Bea, the Sisters of the Cistercian order at the Vitorchiano monastery in Latium/Lazio region, about 70 kilometres northwest of Rome produce soulful and cerebral vini. They practice organic farming and produce wine as honest, sympathetic and gracious as they are. Coenobium ( the 'monastery') comes from the volcanic soils that underlay the vineyards. The extended contact that the fermenting juice has with the skins is a special vinification technique encouraged by Bea.