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'Rinquinquin a la Peche' Aperitif 750ml

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The Wine

Rinquinquin is the quintessential aperitif. It's a surprising mix of peaches, peach leaves harvested in autumn, sugar, and white wine, all crafted according to a traditional recipe. This classic aperitif is as emblematic of Provence as a day bathed in sunshine. Indeed, the name 'Rinquinquin' signifies a refreshing drink and derives from the local dialect term 'requinquilhar,' which means 'to cheer up.' It's a name often affectionately used to denote one's drink of choice.
RinQuinQuin can be enjoyed with foie gras and serves as a delightfully fruity complement to desserts. It pairs exceptionally well with fresh fruit salad. For a refreshing summer drink, mix tonic water (1 part RinQuinQuin to 5 parts tonic). The RinQuinQuin aperitif is typically consumed neat and chilled, optionally with ice cubes.

The Details
Country - France
Region - Provence
Alc. Content - 15%

Volume - 750mls

About the Wine Maker

For over a century, Distilleries & Domaines de Provence has been crafting Provençal fruit liqueurs and aperitifs in the Haute Provence region. Since its establishment in 1898, the company has preserved a tradition spanning several millennia: harvesting medicinal plants on Lure Mountain, renowned for its rich and diverse flora. Distilleries & Domaines de Provence continues to uphold this expertise, sharing it globally for over 100 years, to the appreciation of spirit enthusiasts everywhere. The modest size of DDP ensures the production of small-batch, high-quality spirits, infusing their products with the quintessential fragrances and atmosphere of Provence. Not only are they celebrated for their Pastis Henri Bardouin and a selection of absinthe, but they also offer a variety of exquisite aperitifs and vermouths.