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Valdespino VOS Medium Oloroso Solera 1842

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The Wine

Crafted from reserves of Very Old Sherries, some dating back to the nineteenth century, these are matured to an average minimum age of twenty-five years. The fruit, harvested from the Oloroso-specific, chalky soil vineyards of Pago Carrascal, undergoes the time-honored Solera system. This involves a gradual elevation through tiers of aging barrels, periodically refreshed with younger wines as the angels take their share. 

The aroma presents toasted notes initially, accompanied by an abundance of dried fruits such as figs, dates, and raisins, alongside burnt sugar. It evokes the scent of a freshly baked vanilla cake, complemented by hazelnut syrup and toffee. There's a subtle ethereal quality with hints of polished oak and cinnamon, finished with a touch of cocoa dust. Upon tasting, it begins with sweet raisins and chocolate-coated nuts, progressing to fig bread and dates, with a bittersweet edge from the aged oak. Notes of Turkish coffee and burnt sugar emerge, followed by walnuts. It features hints of tangy acidity, reminiscent of lemon zest, which balances perfectly with the sweetness. The finish is long, dominated by dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans.

The Details

Country - Spain
Sub Region - Jerez
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker

With six centuries of sherry production under their belts, Valdespino lay claim to being one of the oldest sherry bodegas in the region. The heart of Valdespino is their vineyards. One of the few bodegas to release single-vineyard wines, their Macharnudo holding is one of the grand crus of Jerez at the highest altitude and located on the famous, and sought-after bright white Albariza chalk soils. From their savory and fresh Manzanilla Deliciosa and Fino Inocente, to their unctuous and intense Solera 1842 and Pedro Ximenez wines, the quality is world class and the bodega still ferment a proportion of their wines in wood, adding layers of complexity to the finish product. One of the few estates that age in solera far in excess of the DO regulations for all their styles of sherry.