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The Wine

Vibrant and succulent alpine Nebbiolo!
Sourced from vines with an average age of 50 years, deeply entrenched in flaky metamorphic rock soils. The grape clusters are carefully transported in small crates and undergo prolonged maceration in wooden vats situated in a cellar hewn into the mountain. Following several months of maturation in both wooden and concrete barrels, the wine acquires a garnet red color. It exudes a subtle aroma with noticeable fruity and floral undertones. On tasting, it is polished, well-rounded, and of medium body, offering a pure flavor with a persistent finish. To fully appreciate its evolving taste and structure, enjoy it over a few days. For optimal pleasure, decant and serve with hearty pasta and a side of slow-cooked greens.

The Details

Variety - Nebbiolo
Country - Italy
Region - Lombardia
Sub Region - Valtellina
Extra - Cork
Year - 2021
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker is a winemaking family with over 150 years of dedication to cultivating Nebbiolo, locally known as Chiavennasca in Valtellina. Their legacy dates back to the Unification of Italy, with a continuous tradition aimed at maximizing the potential of Alpine Nebbiolo in the distinctive terroir of Valtellina—a valley nestled between the Rhaetian Alps and the Orobie, enjoying a unique microclimate. The terraced vineyards bask in sunlight and are caressed by the cool northern winds. The company's name,, is derived from Arturo Pelizzatti Perego, who in 1984, drawing on the experience from his father and grandfather's endeavors, embarked on a new winemaking venture, infusing it with the rich heritage of values and knowledge passed down through his family. Today, the winery is under the stewardship of Isabella and Emanuele Pellizzati Perego, Arturo's offspring. They oversee the 13 hectares of vineyards in the core of the Valtellina Superiore DOCG, spanning Sassella, Grumello, and Inferno. The grape processing is a manual affair, with harvesters carrying small baskets of grapes on their shoulders along paths ascending the cliffs. In the cellar, the aim is to allow the Alpine Nebbiolo to articulate its finest expression, employing traditional methods involving vats, large barrels, steel or concrete tanks, and an abundance of patience—the kind that respects the necessary time for maturation.