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Camatti 'Amaro Camatti'

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The Wine

Amaro Camatti is a specialty from Genoa, first crafted by pharmacist Umberto Briganti in 1923, who named it after his wife. Originally, bitters were concocted by local pharmacists and recommended for their medicinal qualities. After vanishing from the market for many years, Stefano Bergamino and Camilla Moggia from Distilleria Sangallo in Monterosso al Mare secured the rights to Amaro Camatti. They committed to preserving Umberto's original and confidential recipe. It boasts a distinctive flavor profile of cinchona and gentian, with notes of menthol and amaretto. It is best enjoyed chilled and served straight from the fringe.

The Details

Country - Italy
Region - Genova
Alc. Content
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker

Amaro Camatti is a Genovese specialty and a symbol of its maritime spirit. Created in 1923 by pharmacist Umberto Briganti and named after his wife, its healing properties included seasickness. Sangallo Distilleria took over production in 1994, remaining faithful to the original recipe that has a unique taste of China and gentian with menthol and amaretto. On sea or land, its great served chilled