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L'Arco Valpolicella Classico Ripasso 2020

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The Wine

60% Corvina and Corvinone, 30% Rondinella,
10% Molinara

The classic wines of the Valpolicella are centered around the dried grapes used for making Amarone. The Ripasso style refers to the repassing of fresh juice over the dried, pressed skins after the Amarone is made. This process makes for a truly enjoyable wine, combining complex fruit flavors of both dried and fresh fruit. The palate is giving and lush with a fine weight that brings with it cigar box spice notes and wild herbs.

This is no ordinary Valpolicella Ripasso. It is from the coveted Classic zone and it is a superior style, both in name and in attributes. 3 years of aging before bottling, this wine spends 2 years in large traditional Slavonian oak barrels. A dry, structured wine that will age gracefully, the L'Arco Ripasso is a testament to perfectly cultivated old-vine vineyards, native yeast fermentation, and decades of expertise in both the vineyard and winery.

Drinking Luca’s Ripasso is like indulging forbidden fruit! Here he shines a light on an exuberant elixir so pure. The wine is dry but sumptuous and layered. The Ripasso sees approx. 15-20% of declassified Amarone blended in, that obviously contributes to the dramatization and a hedonic punch that Giuseppe Quintarelli would've approved! TC


The Details
Variety - Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara
Country - Italy
Region - Veneto
Sub Region - Negar
Extra - Cork
Year - 2020
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker

Owner, Luca Fedrigo approaches winemaking and farming with a natural, minimalist approach. His philosophy evolved in his teens working alongside the famous Valpolicella guru, Giuseppe Quintarelli. The artistry of Quintarelli in the winery has blossomed in the L'Arco cuvées through a traditional style, long aging, and masterful blending.

The Estate takes its name from a stone arch, called “Arco di Giove”, located on the road to Negrar (one of the seven historic Valpolicella communes) and near the farmhouse where the owners, the Fedrigo family are located. The arch, dating from 1500/1600, was one of a series of seven arches along the hillside path near S. Vito di Negrar.