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Unico Zelo Pastafarian 2022

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The Wine

Unico Zelo, founded by winemakers Brendan and Laura Carter, strives to craft "Italian-inspired, textural, and site-expressive wines" as well as "approachable and jovial Australian interpretations of Mediterranean varieties."

Variety Change! Yup, we've flipped from this being 100% Nebbiolo to Sangiovese - a few reasons for this. 1 - In 2022 we harvested 450kg of Nebbiolo from the Adelaide Hills vineyard that was at the core of this wine (more on that in a few years). In 2023 we harvested nothing. It's been a tough few years for this variety and this vineyard. 2 - Sangiovese is a pretty good pasta variety hey? As much as we love Nebbiolo - and we really love Nebbiolo - the future is bright for Sangiovese and we've been working with this fruit for a few years now in Truffle Hound and have been really impressed with the quality, so 2022 was the year to give it a solo release. If the Truffle Hound blend was the Beatles, Nebbiolo would be John, Barbera would be Paul, and for me, Sangiovese is George. So you could say this is our ‘My Sweet Lord’. Apologies for the musical tangent.

Wow, Chianti lookalike, yum! TC

The Details

Variety - Sangiovese
Country - Australia
Region - South Australia
Sub Region
- Clare Valley
Extra - Cork
Year - 2022
Volume - 750ml

About the Wine Maker

Never ones to stand still Brendan & Laura Carter of Unico Zelo decided to launch Tropo, a collection of wines that taste exactly how they look. Fun, contemporary ’throw the bottles on top of ice’ styles that are uncomplicated and do we dare say ’smashable’? wines. I think they would approve. This year’s releases all hail from Adelaide Hills from growers they have known and worked with for many years as part of their former Harvest co-op concept, so the connections and relationships continue to this new brand. Little Red, Big Red, Blanc de Blanc Sparkling, Pink Pet Nat and Pinot Noir make up this exciting range that offers eyebrow raising value vs the quality in the bottle, something the Carter’s have kept striving for since inception with all their wines and we love them for it. Wine for the people? Cheers to that.